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Mark H Newhouse

Comical monsters and underdog heroes race through Mark's imagination and have won him many awards for his books and stories. Mark's favorite reward is hearing children laugh at his humorous adventures. "I fill my children’s mysteries with page-turner surprises and cliffhangers, with lots of laughs. I’m honored my adult books have earned multiple awards and praise for their suspense and passionate storytelling. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me and especially to my readers."

Behind the Scenes with Mark Newhouse

Why does Mark write and what inspires his writing ideas? Learn more in this personal letter to his fans.

Mark's FREE Advice for Authors

Besides writing, Mark loves helping other authors. He is leader of a critique club and has served as youth chairperson for the Florida Writers' Association. Check out Mark's FREE advice for writers of all ages!

Coaching and Speaking Engagementsitle

Mark loves visiting schools, libraries, and inspiring others to write in his monthly Writing Bug column. Writing is a magic wand and it is important to save your stories.

Works by Mark H. Newhouse

Welcome to Monstrovia (eBook)


Yom Kippur Hero


My Family Secret: The Holocaust

The Parples: Parents as Reading Partners Plays


The Bullystoppers Club Handbook


Bee Ready for School

The Devil's Bookkeepers Trilogy - Signed by the Author



The Midnight Diet Club

The Case of the Killer Knights (Tales of Monstrovia Book 4)

The Case of the Crazy Chickenscratches (Tales of Monstrovia Book 3)

The Case of the Disastrous Dragon (Tales of Monstrovia Book 2)

The Devil's Bookkeepers: The Noose Tightens (The Devil's Bookkeepers Series Book 2)

The Devil's Bookkeepers: The Noose (The Devil's Bookkeepers Series Book 1)

Welcome to Monstrovia (Tales of Monstrovia Book 1)

Rockhound Science Mysteries

Alice in Batsylvania

Santa's Speeding Ticket

Dreidel Dog

A Bite Before Christmas

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