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Welcome to Monstrovia (Tales of Monstrovia Book 1)

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Laugh in the wacky world of Monstrovia, where anything can happen!

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Unexpected adventure and mayhem await Brodie Adkins in a summer vacation he will never forget!

Flying serpents, deadly giants, and lawyers? A zany murder mystery which will make you laugh as you follow the adventures of young Brodie Adkins. When faced with a baffling mystery, Brodie must figure out what happened and learn the laws of the land, all with an ending that will leave you howling for more!”

Awards and Recognition
  • Benjamin Franklin Book Awards Silver Medal Winner
  • Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal
  • Royal Palm Literary Awards Winner
"What a novel idea... taking a child's fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, and turn it into a mystery story and vehicle for teaching children about courts, and lawyers and life lessons in the magical world of Monstovia." - Amazon Review

"Welcome to Monstrovia's subtitle should be Welcome to a Good Time. It is fun even for a stodgy old adult (Perry Mason pictures) and would be downright riotous for a kid..."

"I have two words for this book: Raucous Mystery. This crazy tale is full of twisted surprises that you'll never imagine." -Amazon Reviews

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