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The Midnight Diet Club

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Some kids would risk almost anything to be thin and popular, but would you join the Midnight Diet Club?

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Esme is a slightly overweight teen-age girl who is hounded endlessly by three sinister bullies. In her quest to find acceptance she almost loses her soul in this funny, slightly scary, twist on vampire legends.

1st Prize- Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards for Young Adult Fiction

"Consider the current mania to be thin . . . especially among teenage girls. Splash in some humor. Carefully blend believable characters. Whip in a few "grossly fun" scenes. Then savor the deliciousness of The Midnight Diet Club. This twist on vampire legend just may leave you "thirsty" for more." -Millie Richmond Author of HILDY

"This ghoulishly delicious tale is one that many of us have experienced either first hand or via word of mouth. And during Mark Newhouse's many years of creative teaching, I'm nearly positive he encountered bullying in its many disguises. He brings the age-old vampire legend into a contemporary creative context, from which lessons can be extrapolated by students that have been, are being, or will be bullied in one form or another. And even older adults can learn a lesson or two that may assist them in relationships with fellow employees or sadistic bosses."-Don Canaan (Author of two Liz Roberts psychological medical thrillers: "Alzheimer's: Dutiful Daughter" & "Dedicated Doctor or Baby Broker," as well as a true crime investigation: "Horror in Hocking County")

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