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Don't Call Me Baby

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In a blink of an eye, our children are no longer babies.

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Amy wanted to be a big girl, but her family treated her like a baby. They even called her Baby! What can Amy do to prove she's grown up?

This heart-warming tale with wonderful illustrations is sure to become a family favorite. 

A beautiful growing up story to share with your children.

"Every parent with children will want to share this humorous story of how one child tries to prove she's no longer a baby. I loved it." - Mark H. Newhouse, award-winning author of Dreidel Dog and A Bite Before Christmas

"The author has captured the feelings of many younger siblings. The book is fun yet has an important lesson as well. Both older and younger siblings will enjoy this book. It also gives parents and children a great jumping off point to have a discussion about how a younger sibling might feel. The illustrations bring life to this charming story." – Paula Feuerstein, Award-Winning author of Crackle. Chirp. Chirp: How to Help Our Animal Friends

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