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Dr. C's Cool Clues and Cartoons: The Presidents

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Which president had the most children? Who was the first Boy Scout to become president? What president owned part of a Major League Baseball team? 

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“Instill a spirit of curiosity with this awesome book of interesting fun information about past presidents… I think I enjoyed playing and learning as much as my grandchildren.” - Dennis McMahon, Ph.D. and former superintendent

Think you have the answers? Put your knowledge to the test and find out how much you know about our presidents.  

Dr. C’s Cool Clues and Cartoons – The Presidents is an amusing, educational, and fascinating trivia book that reveals lesser-known facts of the presidents elected to run our country. Flip through the pages to quiz yourself and find out what the history books forgot to tell you. Be entertained and challenge yourself to learn new things — then impress your friends with presidential knowledge. 

Hail to the chiefs!

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