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My Family Secret: The Holocaust

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He must learn the truth.

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When his grandfather tries to reclaim the family home in Poland, David must become a detective to learn how his relatives died during the Holocaust. 

This award-winning young adult novel, written by a former teacher and son of Holocaust survivors, follows David's search for the truth to help children learn about this nightmarish historic event. It is a story of family and love that offers hope that we may all overcome hate. 

My Family Secret: The Holocaust, is based on a true event. David's discoveries make great starters for discussions about bullying, family relationships, prejudice and hate.

Mark H. Newhouse is the multi-award-winning author of The Devil's Bookkeepers, honored with the Grand Prize Fiction Series and Hemingway Wartime Series awards in the CIBA competitions, as well as the award-winning Defenders of Monstrovia mysteries.

David's family secret will change his life, and yours, forever.

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