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What's the noise coming from inside that plastic bag?

Also available as an eBook and in Kindle Unlimited from

When a baby bird is caught in a plastic bag on a tree branch, Luna and her friends are on a mission to save him.

Join them on the adventure as they help their animal friend and learn about the environment!

A must-have to introduce children to the impact of litter on wildlife and the environment.” - Chelse Hensley, CEO of Recharge Digital Marketing (and Mom)

Teaches that the even the smallest child they can make a big difference.” - Rainy Horvath, AA in Environmental Science and Author

Paula’s work shows just how passionate she is about helping children learn.”  - John Smith, Managing Partner at Accenture

Early childhood teachers and school libraries will find this book invaluable.” - Sharon K Solomon, Award-Winning Author

Heightens children’s awareness of environmental hazards and recycling.” - Lynne Welsby, Ed.S., Special Education and Curriculum Consultant

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