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A Walk with Grandma

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Is it animal, vegetable or mineral?

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Hanging out with Grandma is one of life's joys.

Grandma's love, tasty cooking, and wonderful stories are what we share with our children.

A Walk with Grandma brings back a favorite game with a story that will become a family treasure.

Alex couldn't wait to show Grandma the new game he learned in school. Children, parents, and teachers will love sharing this sequel to the award-winning A Walk with Grandpa, filled with delightful illustrations by Dan Bridy. 

Play along and discover the animals, vegetables, and minerals in your neighborhood while enjoying a walk with Grandma. 

What better way to pass time with children? Reading and playing!

"Children and adults will be delighted by this story about a boy and his grandmother playing a guessing game while on a walk... shows how learning can be a fun part of everyday life." - Carol A. Cole, Author of The Penguin Lady

"A Walk with Grandma is a wonderful children's picture book. Alex is excited when grandma comes to visit.  They take a walk and he teaches Grandma a new game. The book not only shows the love between a grandmother and her grandson, but teaches a game that all can play. This is a must read for grandparents, parents, and children." - Paula Feuerstein, author of Crackle. Chirp. Chirp.

"A great read-aloud or early reading book. It encourages the use of language skills in a joyful way, while showing a close bond between a grandson and his grandmother." - Janis L. Silverman, Author of Help Me Say Goodbye and Imagine That! Imagery Stories and Activities to Help Young People Learn to Improve Their Behavioral Self-Control

"What child doesn't like guessing games? On his walk with Grandma, Alex guesses what is animal, vegetable, or mineral with a little surprise by Grandma. Young kids will be engrossed with this fun book by Sharon K. Solomon." - D. H. Timpko, author of The Firma Twins Adventure Series

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