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The Case of the Lost Locket (The Mad Scientist Club series Book 2)

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What is the secret of the lost locket?

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The Mad Scientist Club became celebrities solving their first mystery, The Pencil That Wouldn’t Die. When a classmate calls on them to help find a lost locket, the Mad Scientists are on the case! Can they find the locket before time runs out?

Children, parents, and teachers, will love this sequel to The Pencil That Wouldn't Die. The Mad Scientist Club show once again that science, intelligence, and teamwork are the best ways to solve problems!

“Move over, Nancy Drew! This is another case for the Mad Scientist Club.” – William Russell, Author of The Guardian of the Tomb

“Fascinating read… Kids will love the suspense and learn a lesson!” – Caren Tate, Special Education Teacher

“Inspires and empowers readers to discover their own research and problem-solving skills.” – Paula Feuerstein, Author of Clooney’s Big Dream

“Always keeps you on the edge of your seat and entertained.” – Thomas and Brady K., Students

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