Pulse: Five Years Later

On June 12, 2016, 49 beautiful souls were taken from us and the reverberations of those we lost along with the survivors, first responders and all impacted echoed around the world. For the fifth remembrance of the Pulse nightclub tragedy, we’re asking you to reflect on how the tragedy has impacted your life and brought you to where you are today. We’re asking for genuine reflections of the significance of this event and how the (almost) five-year journey has affected you, your lifestyle, your thoughts, and your feelings. Give us the good, the bad, the everything. Give us the real.

Vibrations: A Mixed Media Experience will welcome a wide variety of artistic expression—creative fiction and nonfiction, poetry, photography, art, music, and performance. The final compilation will be shared in two formats: a printed publication with written pieces, photography, and art as well as a mixed-media web experience with music, performance, and other pieces not included in the printed publication.

Newhouse Creative Group and Orange Blossom Publishing are thrilled to be collaborating on the first edition of Vibrations: A Mixed Media Experience with the onePULSE Foundation, the official foundation incorporated to manage the design and construction of the permanent national memorial and museum dedicated to the Pulse tragedy. All of the profits from this project will go directly to the foundation and will be available through the Pulse memorial kiosk and online store. As this is a charity project, individuals whose works are selected will not be compensated for their work.

Submission Requirements

All submissions will be considered for the final compilation. Due to the number of submissions, we will not be able to accept every piece. Individuals may submit no more than two works for consideration. Send your submission to submissions@vibrationsexperience.com as an attachment no later than 2/15/2021. Please use the following format for your subject line: Submission category, title, name. For example: Photography, The 49, Jason Walls.

Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Poetry

Submissions must be original works, no more than 5,000 words. Format your writing using Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, with one-inch margins. Place your name, contact information, and submission title in the top left corner. Attach as a DOC/DOCX file.

Photography and Art

Submissions must be original work of at least 300 dpi and no more than 2000 pix. JPG, PNG, or PDF files are required, and file size may not exceed 8 mb. Include your name, submission title(s), and contact information in the body of the email. Note that images must be printed in CMYK for the book.

Music and Performance

Submissions must be original work and under five minutes in length and sent as an MP4, MP3, GIF, or a link to a private YouTube upload. If emailing the original file, file size may not exceed 8 mb. Include your name, submission title(s), and contact information in the body of the email. 

For other submission types, email info@vibrationsexperience.com.


For all selected works, rights will remain with the creator. Individuals will be welcome to share their works in other places. We will provide a contract confirming permission to share the work in the book and web experience.


Email info@vibrationsexperience.com for more information.