The Seriously Tragic Ballad of the Vanished Valentine by Mark Newhouse

She’d always remember that Valentine night,
The tragic way he vanished from sight.
Not one trace could ever be found,
Though they searched, around and around,
around and around.

The water had again taken its tragic toll,
As it had washed away many a poor soul.
Foamy and thrashing, violent tide,
He’d been tossed and lost in the turbulent ride.

Night after night she’d pray and weep,
Until exhausted, she’d drift off to sleep.
Her mate, her match, her best friend,
Was this the way their love must end?

Staring at the sudsy, watery, grave,
She prayed he’d be found; that he’d be saved.
She refused to surrender to fear or despair.
He’d vowed forever they’d be a pair.

He’d been so strong, athletic, and bright,
From the first they met, it was love at first sight.
But there was always the danger and ever the fear,
Like too many others, he’d disappear.

But when everyone was asleep, and it was night,
Feeling him wrapped around her, strong and tight,
She knew as long as he was near,
She’d be safe from harm, so she hid her fear.

And though there were challenges they had to meet,
Their undying love made their lives complete.
So, when they were tossed into the water,
They always believed they’d survive the slaughter.

They might age, fade, and suffer great pain,
But all would be well, once together again.
But on Valentine’s Day, when she returned home,
She waited and waited all alone.

“Where is he?” She let out a mournful cry.
As the hours tick-tocked, tick-tocked, painfully by.
But she was determined, and had to be strong,
To give up on love was entirely wrong.

But time passed, and he hadn’t returned,
And still, for his touch, she prayed and yearned.
“Sailors often disappear in the sea,
But I know someday he’ll return to me.”

So, she waits every night and lonely day,
Until she’s wrinkled, and frayed, and gray.
They try to pair her with other mates,
But still she prays, and stubbornly waits.

And then one day, “kerplop!”
Her mate into the drawer did drop.
And when she got over her initial shock,
She cried in joy,
“At last! You found my long-lost SOCK!”

Found in the washer where socks often go,
He gave her a smile from heel to toe.
And though much grayer and more worn than before,
They stayed together,
A close-knit,
Loving pair,

The moral of this tale is bright as day,
Nothing can make true love fade away.
The power of love is always clear.
Make Valentine’s Day every day of the year.

Happy Valentines to All You Pairs of Lovers

And especially for Linda, my perfect ‘match.’

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