The Guardian of the Tomb Series

The Guardian of the Tomb Series

Join Steven, a young gifted boy, who suddenly finds himself thrown into a quest which will take him halfway around the world! In the Guardian of the Tomb series, you’ll learn about exotic places as you read about the harrowing adventures of a boy facing the problems all teenagers face today.

Book 1: Guardian of the Tomb

Steven, along with an Egyptian Priest, must search the depths of Seti I, an ancient pyramid, to find the Guardian of the Tomb who was responsible for killing Steven’s parents. His search for the Guardian is filled with unknown obstacles designed to kill any intruder set on desecrating the Pharaoh’s resting place.

Steven has only eight hours to complete his quest if he has any hope of returning home safely. Otherwise he will remain trapped in a 2,500-year nightmare.

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Book 2: Guardian of the Dragon

There is danger in the hills of Scotland as Steven and his friends, real and supernatural, learn the secret of the evil beings sent to destroy mankind. In this exciting sequel to The Guardian of the Tomb, Steven, an ordinary boy, must overcome his fears once he discovers he is the hero of an ancient prophecy.

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More adventures with Steven and the Guardian of the Tomb series coming soon!

The Guardian of the Tomb series is also available on Kindle Unlimited