Can anything save them?

The terrors of the Lodz Ghetto and the tales of survival continue in this sequel to The Devil’s Bookkeepers. Written by the son of Holocaust survivors, based on events described in the Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto (Yale University Press, 1984), the Devil’s Bookkeepers asks what you would have sacrificed to be one of the few to survive.

What readers are saying about The Devil’s Bookkeepers Book 1: The Noose

“We need this book now more than ever.” – Wanda Luthman, Award-Winning Author

“What Ann Frank’s Diary did to put a face to the plight of Dutch Jews in WWII, The Devil’s Bookkeepers does for the Jew in the Lodz ghetto.” – Rita Boehm, Award-Winning Author

“…an emotionally riveting account of life inside the ghetto… You cannot read this story and remain unaffected.” – Kimberlee J Benart, 5 Stars Readers’ Favorite

“… a riveting, emotionally charged novel… an amazing accomplishment… This is a must-read…” Louis Emond, English Professor

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