Memory Lane: Photo Prompts to Trigger Memories

Memory Lane uses photo prompts to ‘trigger’ memories. Structured questions built around common dollhouse objects prompt guided discussion and shared memories through group and paired interactions.

Dr Margaret Wacker has devoted her life to helping people with memory issues. Memory Lane uses a series of conversation-starting photos and carefully structured questions to help almost anyone work with people suffering memory loss.

  • Easy-to-use system is perfect for everyone from doctors to family members
  • Assists memory recall for Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Dollhouse furniture stimulates group conversation and memory sharing
  • Preserves valuable family histories
  • Makes family visits and memory-building sessions structured and fun

“The clear directions make it easy for anyone to use… A great conversation starter!” – Rebecca Dunning MPH, RN

“A wonderful guide to bring joy to people with dementia through sharing of positive memories” – Marilee Elias MSN, RN

Memory Lane offers a fun way that anyone can start conversations that can trigger fond memories and brighten lives. Everyone benefits from a trip down Memory Lane!

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