Bullystoppers Club

Newhouse Creative Group and NCG Cares are committed to stopping bullying and excited to announce a brand new project.

Coming Soon: The Bullystoppers Club!

Learn more by downloading The Bullystoppers Handbook, a guide to stop bullying in its tracks.

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Sell Your Books: Facebook Groups Video Workshop

The quickest and easiest way to sell books on Facebook!

In less than 20 minutes, learn how to use Facebook Groups to market your books (and have fun doing it)! Easy enough for any author at any stage of the publishing process, this video gives you the step-by-step instructions to:
– Spread news about your books
– Create a community for your books
– Sell yourself, not just your books!

Bonus: This “EZ Peasy” video also includes a template to get you started on your Facebook Groups journey!

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clooney grey

Clooney’s Big Dream

Clooney’s big dreams encourages children to seek their dreams even in light of potential obstacles.

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The Pencil That Wouldn't Die Cover

The Pencil That Wouldn’t Die

Can a pencil really save the summer?

Middle school is already so hard, but when summer comes along for twins Sam and Abby, the problems don’t end. Will a pencil turn a boring summer into a scientific adventure?

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bee ready light grey

Bee Ready For School

Buzz Bee is up a tree to avoid going to school. How can anyone help him see when he says, “school’s not for me?” Humorous rhymes from multi-award-winning teacher and author, Mark H. Newhouse, plus child-friendly art by teenager Sammy Lopez, make Bee Ready for School a fun way to show your children the best reasons to grab their smiles and join Buzz on the bus. Your kids will buzz with excitement when they read Bee Ready for School.

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corona light grey

What is Coronavirus?

But why can’t I go to school?

Your kids know that they haven’t been allowed to go to the store, park, or even school, but do they know why?

Pandemics can be very scary for kids and parents may not know what to say. Using expert language from Christine Borst, PhD, LMFT, What is Coronavirus? explains what is happening with this pandemic in a clear and simple way that will give children the tools to talk about their fears and empower them to feel safe and secure.

100% of the profit from this book will go to helping families and small businesses impacted by COVID-19 and other pandemics.

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thanksgiving light grey

The Thanksgiving Secret: A Charming Inspiring Family Story

Everyone will love this charming story of three boys learning to work together to make a special surprise for their grandmother.

Every Thanksgiving, they can’t wait to see her, but this year is a little different because Grandma has been sick. So, they wonder, what can they do to brighten up the holiday?

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superbudz front


Have you got what it takes to save the Earth? Join Jasper Doofinch (Tales of Monstrovia), Bastet (Guardian of the Tomb), Luna (Crackle, Chirp, Chirp) and the rest of the SuperBudZ as they overcome their differences and learn to work as a team in these contest-winning stories from the award-winning authors of Writers 4 Kids. Beware of the Pollutorians… The Earth is counting on us. Edited by multi-award-winning author, Mark H. Newhouse (Welcome to Monstrovia), this exciting adventure introduces characters and creatures from a variety of talented authors that meld together into a very different kind of superhero story that teaches teamwork, self-sacrifice, and a love of our planet. Every child will want to join the new SuperBudZ Club to save the Earth.

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