NCG Holiday Gift Guide 2020

NCG Holiday Guide

The holidays are just around the corner and holiday shopping is in full swing! If you’re looking for some great gifts, look no further than the NCG Holiday Gift Guide!

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Wondering what to get the children in your life this holiday season? 

Introducing the NCG Childrens Holiday Collection!

We’ve put together a collection of children’s books for the holidays — both Hanukkah and Christmas! Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year by sharing the gift of reading.

Dreidel Dog

“It gave insight to the real purpose of the Jewish celebration, while explaining in a fun, but direct way… a great gift for generations to come.” – Wilma J. Fleming, Author

Bad Puppy stars in his first adventure to find the meaning of Hanukkah!

A sneaky pup steals a dreidel in this rhyming romp about the true meaning of Hanukkah. Bad puppy!

Kids will howl at this wonderfully animated picture book with its surprise ending and templates for making a dreidel and Hanukkah card.

From the multi-award winning team that created Santa’s Speeding Ticket, A Bite Before Christmas, and Passover Puppy, your family will thrill over Bad Puppy’s first adventure!

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A Bite Before Christmas

A whimsical and heartwarming Christmas poem for everyone to enjoy this coming season.

When the cat and mouse are chasing around the house, they encounter a mysterious visitor who may change them in this affectionate illustrated poem inspired by The Night Before Christmas. Enjoy another heartwarming read by award-winning author Mark Newhouse, featuring amazing illustrations by Daniel Traynor, and with bonus features at the end.

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Santa’s Speeding Ticket

“A fun new, relevant way to consider Santa in our modern-day, fast-paced culture.– SMW

Rediscover that heartwarming Christmas feeling.
A wonderful holiday book that will hit the spot for both young and old.
Someone is in big trouble when Officer Zapper catches a speeding sleigh on Christmas Eve! Could it be jolly, old Santa?

Featuring amazing illustrations by Daniel Traynor, this holiday tale by award-winning author Mark Newhouse sends a strong message about the true meaning of Christmas and the holidays!

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Looking for something for the big kids in your family?

The Devil’s Bookkeepers Trilogy (Autographed)

Book of the Year – Florida Writers Association Association Royal Palm Literary Awards

Top 100 – Amazon Jewish Literature

“What Ann Frank’s Diary did to put a face to the plight of Dutch Jews in WWII, The Devil’s Bookkeepers does for the Jew in the Lodz ghetto,” Rita Boehm, Award-Winning Author 

A haunting story of love and survival in the face of unrelenting terror and suspense as four men in a Holocaust ghetto struggle to document the tightening of the noose under Nazi rule and the controversial actions of their brutal leader. Written by the son of two of the few survivors, this stunning trilogy is based on true events and will leave you asking what would you have sacrificed to be among the few to survive.

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The Devil’s Bookkeepers Audiobook Available Now! (Plus how you can get your FREE copy)

If all of this shopping has put you in the mood for a good book to listen to, The Devil’s Bookkeepers Book 1 is now available on Audiobook! Featuring the narration of Louis B. Jack, the audiobook is the quintessential way to experience the struggle of the characters that Mark H. Newhouse has written, based on the true events of the Lodz ghetto.

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Happy Holidays

On behalf of Keith, Mark, and the rest of the NCG Family, we wish you Happy Holidays and can’t wait to show you what’s coming in the new year!

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