Finding Followers: Introducing the Problem

I hate social media. There. I said it. I’m awful at it. It depresses me. I have so much anxiety over using social media.

Unfortunately, as the founder/CEO/”wearer of a million hats” of a publishing company, social media is a very necessary evil.

The NCG Finding Followers Community Challenge

As social media is a necessary evil, I’m taking this year to learn how to embrace it and I’d love for you to follow along. It took me 3 days to post the above video because I was self-conscious of my look, my voice, and my message. If you have the same issues as I do, please join me as I spend the year researching, experimenting, and (hopefully) succeeding in not only becoming comfortable with social media, but learning to… love… it (Good luck to us all!)… to create a community!

Tip: Be Authentic

A friend of mine who was helping me with social media and branding gave me the first piece of advice that I want to share: Be authentic. Those who know me, know that I’m a bit of a perfectionist. This makes social media incredibly difficult because I am my harshest critic. I actually recorded three versions of the above video (and I won’t tell you how many of the Thanksgiving video) before I reminded myself about authenticity.

That’s why even though I still feel awkward as anything about the video, I still needed to post it. It was authentic. The second that Bella barked as I started to record and I laughed, I decided that was going to be the take. It was authentic. It was me.

Over the next few months, NCG followers will be seeing a change to our social media. You’re going to see more of me. I am the face of NCG and I want to make sure that there is more of that in my social media. It’s going to be difficult, but here we go!

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