Finding Followers: Engage With Your Followers

I, like many, get distracted by shiny things very easily. (SQUIRREL!)

If you haven’t heard me say it already (see post from 1/6), I’m terrible at social media. So before I dig deeper into the parts of social media that are difficult for me, I’ll bring up a really simple, fun step in the social media process…

Tip: Engage With Your Followers

I love talking to people. I love texting, but even more so, I love listening and learning. One of my friends told me one day, “Keith, if you had a secret power, it would be understanding people. You can have a conversation with anyone about anything (even sports ball when necessary).” Now this, of course, has some benefits (I meet so many different kinds of people with so many varying interests… I’m also REALLY good at Jeopardy!) and disadvantages (I have trouble making tight relationships because I’m a bit of a butterfly… We’ll go into this on another post 😜), but the point is I love talking… and even more so, listening.

And that’s the first step in engaging. Besides broadcasting/posting what you like to your audience and what you want them to know, you have to find out what they like and what they want you to know. How you do this varies depending on the platform, but the basic idea is if someone is following you, follow them back. Like their posts, comment, send them a direct message if there’s a great connection to be made. Besides (as the research says) making you more “human”, it’s just fun — and it shows that you care about your audience.

Now admittedly, as you know, I’m terrible at social media. So as much as I enjoy talking to people, I haven’t been the best about it online. So my next resolution is to schedule some time each week to do just that. I promise that I’m going to do a better job of talking with you. I want to learn more about you and your interests, and direct/private message with you (and please feel free to DM/PM me as well)!

Let’s start a conversation! 😃

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