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Author Spotlight: Paula Feuerstein, Author of The Wand Fixers Book 1: Magic School

This month NCG caught up with Paula Feuerstein (I always have to double check my spelling with her name ;-) on the release of her first chapter book, The Wand Fixers Book 1: Magic School!

Paula Feuerstein

Paula was one of the first authors NCG signed just a few years ago with her hit childrens book Crackle. Chrip. Chirp. Since then she's written Clooney's Big Dream and just came out with The Wand Fixers Book 1: Magic School! Paula is one of the kindest individuals we've had the pleasure to work with and we're so excited to spotlight her this month. In our interview, Paula shares about the process of writing a chapter book, her thoughts on the future of writing, and her own favorite author.

NCG: What does The Wand Fixers Book 1: Magic School mean to you and why would you recommend it for your readers?

Paula: The Wand Fixers Book 1: Magic School is an exciting adventure about elves learning magic. Both adults and the young reader can enjoy this book as the message of overcoming your obstacles apply to all. This message is packaged in a fun and suspenseful journey of 4 elves. 

NCG: What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing this book?

Paula: Since the book is fictional, and my first attempt at a chapter book, I learned that I was able to accomplish the task of writing a chapter book.

NCG: If you were not a writer, what would be your ideal career?

Paula: Definitely a teacher.

NCG: Where do you see the book industry heading in the next decade?

Paula: This is a very confusing time for writers with the rules constantly changing. My hope for the future is to allow authors to write about things that are currently censored.

NCG: Can you give us a sneak peek at any current projects?

Paula: Book 2 of the The Wand Fixers is in progress!

NCG: What are your favorite books to read?

Paula: Anything by Stephen King.

Thank you Paula! We can't wait to read book 2!

Paula can be reached through her Facebook Page or through Newhouse Creative Group.