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Memory Lane: Photo Prompts to Trigger Memories

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A wonderful tool to help those suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia.

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Everyone benefits from a trip down memory lane.

Dr. Margaret Wacker has devoted her life to helping people with memory issues. Memory Lane uses photo prompts to 'trigger' memories. Conversation-starting photos of dollhouse furniture and carefully structured questions help almost anyone work with people suffering memory loss through group and paired interactions.

The benfits of Memory Lane:
  • An easy-for-anyone-to use system to work with people with memory issues, as in Dementia and Alzheimers Disease.
  • The photographs of familiar objects from the past and the guided questions stimulate group conversation and memory sharing. 
  • Sharing stories from their past helps people feel important and valued. 
  • This simple tool is ready to be used by anyone who wants to help people suffering with memory issues. 
  • It makes family visits and memory-building sessions structured and fun.
  • It preserves valuable family histories.
With over 10 years of experience working with patients with Dementia, Dr. Wacker has used the dollhouse to tap positive memories from the past and wants to share the benefits and fun of her simple system with care-givers and caring family members. While no system can guarantee success, Memory Lane, offers a fun way that anyone can start conversations that can trigger fond memories and brighten everyone’s lives. Everyone benefits from a trip down memory lane.

Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist 2019

"A great guide in assisting people with dementia and their families... easy for anyone to use... The photos and question prompts are really helpful in bringing up past memories for discussion." – Olivia W. Giuntini, Psychiatric Facility Volunteer 

"The conversations were really amazing and had me and the team in awe... It brought back many wonderful and reminiscent memories of childhood homes and growing up and it sparked them talking about many different items in the house and how today had changed so much." – Andrea Garcia, Activities Director at Elan Buena Vista Senior Living Community

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