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The Guardian of the Tomb (Guardian of the Tomb Series Book 1)

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Mummies, tombs, time-travel, and a host of evil creatures.

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The Ruler of Darkness is about to destroy the world and young Steven is our only hope!

Join Steven, a young, gifted boy who suddenly finds himself thrown into a quest which will take him halfway around the world!

Steven, along with an Egyptian Priestess, must search the depths of Seti I, an ancient pyramid, to find the Guardian of the Tomb who was responsible for killing his parents. His search for the Guardian is filled with unknown obstacles designed to kill any intruder set on desecrating the Pharaoh’s resting place. To make matters even more complicated, the Ruler of Darkness now has found a way to escape and destroy the world.

Stepping into a portal that transports him to the past, Steven only has eight hours to complete his quest if he has any hope of returning home safely. 

Guardian of the Tomb is a middle-grade adventure sure to keep your young one flipping pages as fast as possible.

"An imaginative time-travel journey... full of suspense" – Jenny Ferns, Author of Ripple Effect: Because of the War

"Great read to introduce young teens to see adventure in History" – Shawn N Bauldree, Teacher

"A spell-binding tale... This fast-paced adventure novel will delight middle grade kids, both boys and girls." – Sharon K. Solomon, Award-Winning Author of A Walk with Grandma

"A fun, fast-paced adventure that introduces exotic places to kids." – Mark H. Newhouse, Award-Winning Author of Welcome to Monstrovia

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