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Thank You!

Thank you for becoming a part of the Newhouse Creative Group (NCG) family of authors!

While we’re going to do everything we can to make your publishing dreams a reality, there are some things you can do to help!

Only a TEAM can make people take notice of our work in this crowded market. We’re honored to have you with us and hope you will consider some of our suggestions for helping your books succeed.

NOTE: Not all options are appropriate for every work. NCG will use only those options we believe are best suited for the mutual benefit of the author and publisher. Full details for your work will be available in your works’ Marketing Plans. Please, feel free to offer your comments and suggestions. You are a part of our TEAM.

Publishing Process

The NCG Publishing System has been put in place to get your work on the market as quickly as possible. To make the process as smooth as possible, you can help by completing the following:

  1. Manuscript – Please make sure that your manuscript is in .docx format in Microsoft Word (unless otherwise discussed) with minimal edits/proofreading needed. We will of course have our editors review your work, but making sure that it meets standards will get your work ready faster. For more information review the Editor’s Toolkit.
  2. Publishing Inspiration Survey (Coming Soon) – Please complete the Publishing Inspiration Survey to give us some of your thoughts on where you think your work need to go. While we will be in touch personally, we will use this survey as a chance to learn more about your dream. Items included on the survey: Cover thoughts, Blurbs, Pricing Thoughts, etc.
  3. Kindle – Unless otherwise discussed, we will be publishing your work to Kindle first. The reasoning for this includes:
    • It’s far easier and faster to get your work published on Kindle than print
    • We can use the Kindle version for promotion prior to print
    • We can use feedback from yourself as well as your readers to make your work even better prior to print (it’s far more difficult to change anything in your work once it is published to print)
  4. Get a head start on marketing, by reading on below!

The NCG Author’s Marketing Guide

Once your work has entered the publishing process, our marketing team will start creating a Marketing Plan specific to your work. We’ll be in touch with you throughout the publishing process to talk about your specific Marketing Plan, but until we do, you can start generating buzz by reviewing the NCG Author’s Marketing Guide. Inside you’ll find all of the following to help you generate buzz for yourself and your work:

  1. Create (or Upgrade) Your Professional Presence – Social and Professional Online Presence are integral to making yourself known to your readers. This guide offers tips to increase your presence.
  2. Get (and Give) Book Reviews – Word of Mouth is the #1 marketing tool for any product or service. Authors love reading other authors’ works and trading reviews. Readers love being given a sneak peek at new work and are more than willing to share their thoughts. Who knows? Maybe Stephen King is looking for something good to read!
  3. Generate Strategic Communication for Your Work – While media channels are usually very specific about what they are looking for, if your work is the right fit, you may be the next book featured in Oprah’s Book Club!
  4. Enter Your Work Into Contests – Contests not only get you free publicity, but could get you medals to make your book cover more noticeable or even result in financial award. (Have a contest you think we need to add? Submit it using the Contest Submission Form.)
  5. Much More – We’ll be updating this guide constantly with new links, tips, and ideas!