About NCG Cares

Continuing in our Finding Followers series, one of my favorite ways that NCG has been creating a community from the beginning has been through NCG Cares, our division dedicated to giving back to the community and world. In my video below, learn about some of the ways we gave back in 2020 and how you can be a part of NCG Cares!

Things have been a bit rough recently, but something that really helps me out when I’m feeling down is to give back to the world — and it’s the big reason that I started Newhouse Creative Group.

NCG Cares is our division that’s all about giving back! Last year, we:

  • Donated over $2000 in author royalties
  • Sponsored the Florida Writer’s Association — and the Florida Writer’s Youth Association
  • Donated copies of Dreidel Dog and some dreidels to a local Orlando school (check out the video below!)
  • Donated to COVID-related organizations, along with Kindle copies of our book about the coronavirus to parents

This is why we exist — and if you ever want to help out, please contact me! We’re always happy to talk about helping out and giving back.

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